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Many people who have disabilities don’t even think of themselves as having one. In their mind, they can do whatever they want and there are no limits to what they can do. This is an extremely positive and useful way to think, but if you do have a disability, there really are certain times that you have to take into account that you may have to do things differently to able bodied people, or that you may need a little bit more help. One of these times in particular is when you decide to go away on holiday. As the surroundings are new and different, all sorts of new challenges could be presented to you, whether it be access into your accommodation or getting around once you’re inside. This being said, you should never ever let the challenge put you off going away on holiday, especially since there are many good options that you can choose from when planning a holiday.

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You know that no matter where you decide to go away, you will adapt to it and you will make it so that the experience is easy for you - there is absolutely no way that you should have to make it harder for yourself in the first place though. While staying in a hotel if you have a disability can be great, as you know there will be a lift and there are features such as room service, these rooms are fixed and cannot be changed. This may not be a problem to you at all as your disability may not require you to need adaptations, but if you do need these then a hotel can be a challenge - particularly in regards to the bathroom. Bathrooms in hotels are often small meaning it can be hard to get a wheelchair in and they won’t come with disability aids such as ones to help you get in and out of the bath, meaning that staying in a hotel when you’re on holiday can present some real challenges, depending on your level of mobility. Of course, I’m not saying don’t ever stay in a hotel ever and that you won’t be able to manage at all, because of course you’ll find a way to manage if you desperately want to stay in a hotel as the hotel may assist you the best way that they can. But why make things harder for yourself when there are other options out there for you. Hotels do have their advantages and appeal; it’s a complete getaway from life at home and you don’t have to worry about changing bed linen or tidying up after yourself or any of that because the hotels have cleaners to do it for you. You’re allowed to want a change from everyday life too, just don’t forget to consider access and ease of mobility when you’re thinking about where you want to stay when you’re away, because there’s nothing worse than getting to your holiday destination and realizing that suddenly your problems are magnified and you’re stuck with them for the next two weeks of your holiday.

Thorough preparation is the key to a relaxed and happy holiday. Holiday accommodation for the disabled should allow you a high degree of independence. Choose to stay in holiday accommodation that has been adapted for your needs. Holiday accommodation for the disabled in the UK is given various accessibility levels depending on the disabled facilities available.

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Cottages for the Disabled

blind dog assisted holiday accommodation on one floor cottages with ramp access cottages with parking for the disabled accommodation with special beds for disabled holiday cottages on one floor for walking frames

Mobility Centres

In the UK we have mobility centres throughout the UK

Hire mobility aids at your holiday destination to get you out and about on holiday.

The UK and Ireland are working hard towards making all aspects of life inclusive for people with various disabilities. Certain owners of cottages and self-catering accommodation specialise in making sure that their accommodation is adapted to suit the needs of disabled people and will aslo assist when asked.

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