Group accommodation for people with disabilities

group self catering holiday accommodation for the disabled

If you are planning on going on a group holiday to somewhere in the United Kingdom and a number of you have disabilities or need help with access into your accommodation, then there are plenty of options of lodgings to choose from to make your holiday run smoothly and completely stress-free.

Renting a self-catering cottage is the perfect way to enjoy your break away with your friends and loved ones in comfort, and with private grounds and gardens and plenty of great amenities, altered and made for those in wheelchairs, your whole group can relax and have a wonderful holiday without having to worry about things like access. These cottages will feel like they have been designed for you and your group to have the most perfect holiday possible.

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Firstly, these cottage are on one level or are bungalows, meaning that they are step-free areas. This is great for wheelchair users as if you are travelling in a group and lots of you have disabilities, it can be a hassle using a stair lift to get to other floors. This way, you do not have to worry about any steps or staircases and entry to these accommodations have ramped entrances making it very easy to enter and exit the cottages.

The great thing about a self-catering break is that you can purchase and cook the food that you love eating the most, eating whatever and whenever you like. On sunny days it is lovely to cook your favourite meal for your family and friends, or have a meal cooked for you, and sit out in the privacy of your cottage garden, relaxing in the heat underneath the sun. Kitchens in these cottages are made with lower worktops, cupboards and shelves, so that wheelchair users can have very easy access to everything in the kitchen.

Other things to think about when wanting group accommodation for people with disabilities are wet rooms, which can be found in these cottages. For ones with swimming pools, there are pool hoists, and there are also electric chairs and beds to make it very easy to get in and out of your wheelchair and into another piece of furniture, all without extra help. Grab bars can also be found throughout the cottages along with panic buttons, to ensure that safety is paramount in your lodgings. With wider doorways and wide turning points for wheelchairs, you and others in your group do not have to worry about access problems at all in these large and brilliant group cottages.

With parking beside these lodges and wheelchair friendly paths, choosing a self-catering cottage for groups for people with disabilities is the best type of accommodation for peace of mind, comfort, and safety for a relaxing and stress-free holiday. You and your friends can kick back in peace knowing that all your needs will be met on your break away, and access problems will be far away from your mind when unwinding in your wonderful cottage and its stunning grounds.

Cottages for the Disabled

blind dog assisted holiday accommodation on one floor cottages with ramp access cottages with parking for the disabled accommodation with special beds for disabled holiday cottages on one floor for walking frames

Group accommodation

Group accommodation can be a great way for people with disablilities to enjoy a holiday with friends and loved ones without having to worry about their disability effecting the holiday in any way, booking a group accommodation holiday can be one of the best holiday choices you could make and is very simple to do.

Group accommodation can include staff to assist you or your carers if needed, one level buildings so no stairs will be a problem, self-catering, wet rooms, grab bars, pool hoists, electric chairs/beds and wheelchair friendly paths all to help make your holiday more enjoyable and less of a hassle for you so you can just get on and anjoy your time spent away from home.

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