Holiday cottages with grab bars

Holidays are meant to be relaxing and stress free for all involved and there is no reason that you should make anything harder simply because you are away on holiday. You want to relax whether you have a disability or not and if you do have a disability then it may be a good idea into looking into hiring out a holiday cottage with adaptations - particularly if your mobility issue is quite major. This may sound unappealing, having to look for something different to other people, but, if it means that you can keep your independence while you are away on holiday, isn’t it worth it?self catering cottages that have grab bars for disabled holidaymakers

One adaptation that is particularly useful is grab rails throughout the holiday cottage. This means that if you have limited mobility, you have something that will be able to help you move through the cottage potentially without any other aids. They’re fabulous if you don’t feel like you want to have any permanent aids but want to feel that there is something there for you if you should want or need it. These rails aren’t a dramatic adaptation, and they won’t change the way that you or anything else functions should you not need them, but they are always handy to have there just in case you do feel that you need them.

When can the grab bars be useful?

Grab rails are extremely useful in a bathroom. Whether it is a wet room or a standard walk in shower, the room can be dangerous with a wet and slippy floor and nothing that you can properly grip on to. These rails mean that if the floor is wet then you can simply hold onto them in order to help yourself transfer or move between sections of the bathroom instead of having to have someone to come in to help you. This helps you keep your dignity and independence but also meaning that you stay safe too. They’re great to have there as a bit of support if needed and can be a real god send if you go to trip or fall, hopefully helping you to save yourself and avoiding any nasty accidents. Rails are also good in a wet room as they can then be placed inside the shower too. This is useful if you have a shower seat meaning that you can easily get up off the seat without having to call for help - the same with the toilet. Just because you’re away doesn’t mean you should lose your dignity.

They may only seem like a minor thing to have in a cottage and they’re not anything major that will be in anyone else’s way. They help give you and everyone you’re staying with peace of mind, meaning that everyone can relax just a little bit more. If you think they may be something that you are interested in, many holiday cottages offer this adaptation and factoring this into your search may be a great idea. Whether you use them or not, having them there can really help to settle everyone’s minds.

Contacting the owner of the cottage to see if they offer this adaptation is a great idea before you go away on holiday. That way you know exactly what to expect and if they don’t have grab rails then you can weigh up whether you still want to stay in that cottage or not before it is too late.

Cottages for the Disabled

blind dog assisted holiday accommodation on one floor cottages with ramp access cottages with parking for the disabled accommodation with special beds for disabled holiday cottages on one floor for walking frames

Grab bars can save the day

Grab bars are a welcome addition to any bathroom. It is not just the elderly or disabled people who can benefit. Slipping in a bath is a common occurence and grab bars can prevent serious accidents.

  • Grab bars help people when showering in a bath
  • Grab bars are useful when trying to get up in a bath


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