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Another option that is available to you if you have a disability is to holiday in a cottage. This means that it’s just you and your family and friends or whoever you decide to go away with. you don’t have to feel embarrassed if you have any problems with access (there’s no reason you should feel embarrassed anyway, I just know I’ve had that problem a few times). An advantage of having a holiday cottage, particularly if you are in a wheelchair or have quite big mobility issues is that you can literally find out anything you want about the holiday cottage before you go away to it. You should be able to see from the photos when you book it what the access will be like or what the stairs inside are like for getting upstairs, but if these are things that you can’t see, then you can contact the owner of the cottage and find out this information. UK holiday cottage owners should have an access statement displayed clearly to help people make correct decisions before booking. This means no surprises when you get there so you can have complete peace of mind and not have to worry as to whether you’ll actually be able to get into your holiday cottage or not, which is always useful. As well as this, if you struggle with things like getting up the stairs or getting in and out of the bath and so on, holiday cottages may offer adaptations in order to make all these things easier for you.

Accessibility in holiday cottages

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Some holiday cottages offer stair-lifts to help you get upstairs or may have a ground floor bedroom with an en-suite wet room, meaning that you don’t even have to worry or think about getting upstairs. I know this only sounds like a minor thing to most people, but if you have a disability, peace of mind with regards to accessibility really can be a massive thing. Some holiday cottages offer adapted bathrooms too, with grab rails, bath stools or easy access baths. This means that just because you are away on holiday, you do not have to give up your independence which is obviously a great feeling. Just because you’re away on holiday doesn’t mean that you should lose some of your dignity by having to have someone to help with tasks that you can manage perfectly well on your own at home. Some kitchens may be lower too meaning that you don’t have to get other people to do things for you, which isn’t the nicest of feelings at all. You don’t want to have to rely on others and with a cottage that is designed for disabled people, you don’t have to. If you’re thinking you want to stay in a holiday cottage and you have a disability, it is always worth getting in touch with the owner to see what adaptations are available. The owner of the cottage will also be able to tell you how accessible the surroundings of the cottage are which can be particularly useful if you are in a wheelchair so you know whether you will be able to get around easily or not and ultimately whether this is a place that you would like to visit and stay in.

Parking adjacent to the cottage is also important, especially if you plan to manage by yourself. Another point to find out about with a cottage holiday is whether the garden is wheelchair accessible. It would be a pity to rent a cottage with a lovely garden and then not be able to use it.

Hopefully, this web site will assist in identifying a suitable holiday cottage for your particular needs.

In the end, your holiday choices are endless and it is down to what sort of holiday that you are after - there shouldn’t be anything that you miss out on simply because you have a disability. As long as you do remember to take accessibility into account you’ll be fine, because there is nothing worse than feeling immobile on holiday.


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Cottages for the Disabled

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A holiday should be a relaxing and enjoyable time. Doing something new gives us a new perspective on life and being out and about in the fresh air and sunshine is good for our health. A few holiday suggestions for you:

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