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Self catering cottages, houses and log cabins with a wet room

Wet rooms are perfect if you are going away and you have a disability. Even if you just have a minor mobility issue, a wet room while you’re away means that you really don’t have to worry as to whether you’re going to be able to get into the shower yourself or not. This is great as it means that you know you will be able to be as independent as you are when you are at home while you are away on holiday. It’s strange to think how much worry such a small thing such as getting into the shower can bring and people who don’t have a disability probably wouldn’t be able to imagine this worry. If you do have a disability though, you will know that the idea of having a massive step to get into the shower really can be a worry and by having a wet room, this worry is completely taken away.

How is a wet room useful to me?

A shower step can be a problem if you cannot move too much as there is the potential that you could slip or fall into the shower, potentially injuring yourself and banging your head. This is both worrying for whoever is trying to get into the shower and for the family who are away with them and this worry can often make you tense up making getting over the step more challenging. A wet room would mean that you could simply walk into the shower without having to worry about the step at all, reducing the risk of trips or falls.

Wet rooms often have grab rails in them too. This means that there is something to hold onto and to support you while you are in the shower so that if you do go to slip, you would hopefully be able to catch yourself. It also means that if you struggle with weight bearing, there is something that you can put your weight through without having to have other people come in and help you which no one really wants at all. Wet rooms are great for everyone really, whether you have a disability or are elderly or not as they reduce the risk of anyone falling and injuring themselves, making them safer and more accessible for everyone. Just because you have a wet room while you are away doesn’t mean that everyone can’t use it and it certainly isn’t as if having a holiday cottage while you are away is an inconvenience to anybody.

A wet room while you’re away really is easier for everyone while you’re away on holiday and there is definitely no reason that you should make anything harder for yourself while you are away. A wet room will help to give you peace of mind ensuring that you will be able to access the shower with minimal help, and won’t slip or fall, so having a wet room really is win win. If this is something that you would be interested in while you are away, speak to the owner of the cottage that you are planning to stay in to see if they either have a wet room or if they have any facilities that would be helpful to you regarding this.

Cottages for the Disabled

blind dog assisted holiday accommodation on one floor cottages with ramp access cottages with parking for the disabled accommodation with special beds for disabled holiday cottages on one floor for walking frames

Cottages with a wet room

Wet rooms are a simple way to imrove the quality of your holiday if you are someone who needs this facility on a daily basis. By making sure you have a holiday with a wet room you can help to relieve any worries you may have about going on holiday to somewhere you feel could be a struggle for you to enjoy due to your disability. To find out more about holiday cottages with wet rooms, follow the link in the picture above.

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