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When you’re away on holiday you just want to have fun and relax, whether you have a disability or not. You don’t want to make anything harder for you than it should be or needs to be because holidays are made for relaxing and being stress free. If you decide to go away to a holiday cottage then you can often find cottages that have adaptations in to try and make things easier for you when you’re away, allowing you to keep your independence. One of these particularly useful adaptations is that some cottages have sockets installed higher up than usual such as at hip height meaning that you don’t have to bend down.

What are high sockets good for?

These sockets are great if you are in a wheelchair meaning that you don’t have to get someone to come and plug in or unplug appliances for you, allowing you to be able to do things for yourself. If you’re stubbornly independent, these sockets also mean that you won’t strain yourself or do yourself an injury be trying to reach down to your chair either. Not only are these sockets great if you are in a wheelchair though, they are also brilliant if you have crutches or use a walking stick or other mobility device. Holding these devices whilst bending down can really be a massive challenge, particularly if you have poor balance to stop with, meaning that you can easily fall while trying to get to the socket - but with hip height sockets you won’t have this problem.

These sockets are brilliant if there is a lot of furniture too. This means that if you have limited mobility, you don’t have to try and negotiate climbing over the furniture in order to be able to plug something in making this much easier for you. This adaptation doesn’t just make it easier for you though, it makes it easier for anyone else staying with you and I’m sure that they’ll be pleased to have higher sockets too! As I already said, there is no point stressing yourself out or making things harder for yourself while you’re away when you can simply just opt for a cottage with this adaptation, making things easier for everyone. It may not sound like a big issue, but if it stops you falling or injuring yourself while you’re away, then surely it is definitely worth it.

This is also a good adaptation to think about having in your cottage if there are elderly people in your party too. The position of these sockets means that they can be a good height to be able to unplug from a sitting position which is perfect for anyone with mobility issues - disabled or elderly - meaning that they won’t fall. This will give everyone who is away peace of mind meaning that you won’t feel that you’re putting onto people by asking for help and they won’t be worrying that you will slip, fall, injure yourself or be struggling.

I don’t doubt that you would find a way to cope with sockets at floor level, because everybody does, but I see no reason why you should make anything harder for yourself when you’re away, holidays are meant to be relaxing and pain free, so why not ensure yours is?

Cottages for the Disabled

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Socket to them

If you are disabled and plan on going on holiday then the last thing you want is your disablity causing you problems or stress in the time your supposed to be relxing or enjoying the holiday. By booking a disabled friendly holiday cottage with higher sockets you may find that the time you spend away from home will be much more enjoyable, the holiday will be a lot easier and a lot more less stressful leaving you with nothing but the pleasure of getting away from home for a short break.

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