Self-catering holidays for the disabled

holiday cottages for the disabledMary is disabled, she has a degenerative condition which affects her balance and mobility. She walks with the aid of a frame and often uses a wheelchair. She is someone that a lot of people admire because of her resilient spirit. Despite living alone, Mary still drives, attends various clubs and to beat it all goes on holiday to exotic destinations, often alone.

A holiday in a cottage is something that people usually do as a group and it is in these circumstances that cottages with ramps and mobility aids are required. It may be an extended family taking a holiday with elderly parents or grandparents or a younger family with a disabled member. Life goes on and people try to make arrangements to allow for a good time with any disability.

Families are usually aware of their relatives special needs and are able to choose holiday accommodation wisely. It's thinking about the little things that makes a difference; a holiday cottage with polished floors and rugs would not be suitable for older people with walking aids. It is easy to focus on the disability requirements and forget to check the pet-friendly situation. Anyone with an allergy to pets should not stay in a cottages where pets have been because a reaction to the pet hair and allergens could ruin their holiday. All the little details are important.


Activiites and aids for the disabled

There is a number of charities that run activities and special events that give disabled people a chance to do something which might otherwise be closed to them. Riding for the disabled is one such charity. Various others such as the Red Cross hire out mobility aids. It might be worthwhile exploring some of the assistance available in the area you plan to visit. A list of charities helpful to the disabled is listed on the page below:

A few useful pages about cottages suited to people with disabilities


Booking holiday cottages with disability features that you need

Last Minute bookings of holiday cottages for disabled people - for when you just want to grab a holiday within a short time.


Cottages for the Disabled

blind dog assisted holiday accommodation on one floor cottages with ramp access cottages with parking for the disabled accommodation with special beds for disabled holiday cottages on one floor for walking frames

Time to laugh

Two deaf men meet in the staff canteen for lunch, signing to each other about their night out the previous evening. The first man signs to his friend, "my wife was asleep in bed when I got home, so I was able to creep into bed without waking her."

His deaf friend signs back, "you are very lucky mate: my wife was wide awake sitting up and waiting for me to get home. She started swearing at me for staying out so late."

The first deaf man asks, "so, what did you do?"

His friend replies, "I turned out the light."

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